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Renter or Landlord? Landlord-tenant laws can have an effect on both the person who is leasing and the person who is renting the property. Typically, landlord-tenant disputes revolve around federal and state property and contract laws and a landlord tenant lease dispute may occur. The typical disputes between a landlord and a tenant revolve around the lease agreement, paying rent on time and damage to property.

The main responsibility of the Landlord is to maintain the rental property and to keep the property up to state and local codes to ensure the safety or possible endangerment to the tenant. 

Aside from a landlord tenant lease dispute, some common areas of Landlord Tenant disputes may include:

The Renter / Tenant have responsibilities to pay rent and any other utilities that are specified in the Landlord Tenant Lease. The tenant must obey state and local regulations to keep the property clean and sanitary. This includes disposing of debris and garbage.

There are four types of evictions: